Tynker is a complete learning system that teaches kids to code. Kids learn how to code through the activities

3G Abacus, Mental Arithmetic Course is a new concept that combines the 9-bead and the traditional abacus.

About Us

At iVinci Kids we believe that every child has the capability to excel in any arena of life, but requires the right skills, confidence, and motivation to learn effectively. iVinci provides that intrinsic skills and motivation to help your child expand his horizon and develop into a holistic individual.

We offer carefully selected courses that focus on long term skills:

  1. Mental Calculation – 3G Abacus Mental Arithmetic Course (4-12 Years)
  2. Coding & Tech Skills – Tynker Coding For Kids (7-14 Years)

When it comes to preparing your children for the future, these are some life long skills which help them to excel in academics as well as build qualities like perseverance, organization and resilience. They learn valuable 21st century skills that can even translate into successful careers.

We aspire to help parents and children

identify their inner potential and reach beyond boundaries.

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Designed to teach kids the critical concept of advanced conditional statements, loops, animation and sequence in an engaging manner. Each child s...

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