First things first

As parents, do you have common questions like:
Why is my child careless?
Why is my child not able to focus?
How can I help my child learn faster?

Answer to these above questions lies in maximizing your child’s cognitive skills

Cognitive skills like FOCUS, MEMORY and ATTENTION amongst others are the core skills our brain uses to think, read, learn and remember. Cognitive skills allow children to understand the relationships between ideas and improve their analytical skills. Congnitive skills therefore are essential foundation for success in any field of life.

As parents it's important that you understand, Cognitive skills can be measured and significantly enhanced with our scientifically designed and tested ThinkersBox Personalised Brain Development Programme

Make sure your child gets the strong foundation they deserve with these four simple steps:

SIGN UP for a free brain profile to put things in perspective

Know where your child stands in terms of cognitive skills

Know how to help your child learn better

See your child make progress in every class

How It Works For Kids

ThinkersBox Personalised Brain Development Programme (established in 2006) has years of proven success in delivering cognitive skills-development training to Singaporean kids. During this period we have also worked closely with many MOE schools. The success of ThinkersBox is due to it being :

  • Scientific Derived from the US-based SOI (Structure of Intellect) and built on more than 60 years of scientific research and application.
  • Quantifiable A comprehensive pre-course assessment helps determine your child's areas of strengths and improvement. A post-course assessment provides quantifiable feedback regarding the progress made by your child.
  • Personalized Every child learns from a customized set of modules based on their detailed pre-course assessment to help them strengthen and improve their cognitive abilities.

REGISTER for FREE Brain Profile to understand your child's ability in 3 key skills:
(i) Visual Discrimination: How careful and observant is your child with details?
(ii) Visual Memory: How much can your child retain what he/she has learnt?
(iii) Auditory Attention: How well can your child focus and pay attention?

Based on the results of the Initial Brain Profile, you would gain a deeper understanding into your child's development and help them be a Smarter, Happier and More Effective Learner.

Thinker's Ambassadors

"After going through ThinkersBox's curriculum, we noticed Boon Yee is less careless and pays more attention in class now.
He is more confident in tackling tasks and showing an interest to learn."

Andy Lee
Daddy Blogger,

"More than ever, Cognitive Skills are taking a precedence in our kids’ lives. So I am heartened to know that the programmes at ThinkersBox are knowledge driven rather than product driven, and is tailored to each child’s strengths and weaknesses."

Kelvin Ang
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